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Dhawk Grease Services has been serving the Houston community and surrounding areas since 1988. We offer interceptor maintenance cleanings, such as for: grease traps, grit traps, lint traps, and septic tanks, etc.

We are a family owned and operated business and look forward to growing our extended family by establishing new long-lasting relationships with other fellow local businesses, like yours.

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Our History

Long ago, Papa Hawk got into the grease recycling business with his young Hawks to establish a new name in the industry. The years passed and our young business began to grow, establishing ironclad relationships with our customers. Now, 30+ years later, our new generation family fleet has each truck driven by a dedicated family member who from the start has had one thing ingrained into their work ethic by Papa Hawk, "Take care of your customer, son, because they take care of you."

Though our family company has seen some amazing expansions, branching into the other neighboring industries throughout the decades, our commitment remains the same and our main focus intact, OUR CUSTOMERS.


Our Core Goals

Honesty -We  pride ourselves in holding our drivers to the highest standards of ethics and Integrity. Your grease trap is in good hands.

Excellence - Our knowledgeable team uses decades of experience to find solutions to your residential or business grease trap needs. We'll get it done right, the first time.

A Green Planet - If it's one thing we love as much as our customer, it's our beautiful planet Earth. Taking care of our planet and disposing of waste safely and properly is not only our responsibility, it's our God-given duty.

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